Building Better Relationships Between Dogs & Their People with Effective, Force-Free Training

We will help you achieve this through positive reinforcement training methods. Classes and training sessions are just the beginning to a great relationship that you and your dog will have for many years!

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Group Classes

We offer a variety of group training classes from puppy class to more advanced manners training as well as all levels of K9 Nosework. All group classes are $200.

FitHound offers dog training group classes

Private Training & Consultations

FitHound offers private training sessions tailored to your schedule and dog’s needs. These one-on-one sessions cover various issues like manners, leash pulling, fearfulness, and more. Prices range from $95 for individual sessions to packages with discounts and comprehensive consultations.

FitHound offers Private Training & Consultations

About Us

We are relentlessly focused on doing great work, and are proud of our clients’ success. We bring deep experience across a variety of industries – from business technology to consumer products.

About FitHound and Cari Reed

We stand by the science that reinforcement drives behavior & use positive reinforcement methods based on the dog’s choices

Our Happy Doggies and Their People

No more leash pulling!

I am the owner of a 19 month old, 65 lb., Goldendoodle named Ziggy. I recently moved from a home with a back yard into a third floor condo. I never walked Ziggy since he had a back yard to play in as well as the fact that he would pull and drag me everywhere we went. When I moved into my condo, it was a total necessity to be able to walk Ziggy. He would drag me down the stairs and pull me all over the neighborhood. I knew my neighbors had to be laughing at me as Ziggy “walked” me every morning and evening. I purchased books and tried tips from the “Dog Whisperer” but I never had much success. Ziggy was also experiencing some emotional problems with his new living quarters. Needless to say, I was very distraught and stressed. I contacted Cari via e-mail and her response was immediate. Not only did she say she would come to help me at my home, she also gave me advice on how to handle Ziggy over the e-mail in the interim. Cari is very patient, not only with your animal, but the owner as well. She taught me how to walk Ziggy and gave me advice on how to exercise him and tips on how to keep him entertained while I am at work. She also noted that Ziggy was underweight and suggested that I take him to see the Vet. Cari also has followed up with me to see how Ziggy is coming along. I truly feel that she cares and is concerned about me and my pet. It has only been three weeks and Ziggy is walking along side of me now. I love taking him out! I do not feel alone or distraught anymore and am so happy that we have found Cari. She is my and Ziggy’s Dog Whisperer!!

— Katherine Calderon

A happy puppy…

My German Shepherd puppy, Zeus is happy, confident and friendly and Cari’s classes have been instrumental in his socialization.

— Bill Gaines

Real life training…

We were so happy to have been given Cari’s name for dog training. It has been a great experience for us and of course Marlee. We quickly saw how her training techniques benefited when Marlee became sick with a kidney infection. She learned commands such as “leave it” and “wait” came in handy when we brought her home with an IV. She was so tolerant of us and the vet through all of it! I know we have quite a ways to go but I do feel we are moving towards our goal of having happy, well adjusted family dog.

— Susan Renn